2012 dissemination

Four more contests where our project is involved:
Mathexperience, Bucharest 2012, where we received second prize with our presentation:

Global Junior Challenge.

Finalist 2012 http://www.gjc.it/2012/it/progetti-finalisti

Medea awards 2012.


Virtual Learning – Virtual Reality
Models and Methodologies
Technologies and Software Solutions


New Croatian Links

http://youtu.be/jPjxVubmQrM            (eTwinning projects 2008/2011)

(MATHEMATICOMIX CROATIAN VIDEO  about  eTwinning project)
(European Ql to B.Kasica Zadar Primary)

(Maths experienced during and after the Romanian Conference ’11 )

Media: newspapers

–  http://www.zadarskilist.hr/clanci/14102011/cetiri-europske-nagrade-za-izvrsnost-os-bartula-kasica

–  http://www.zadarskilist.hr/clanci/19102011/prestizna-priznanja-os-bartula-kasica

Mathexperience Bucharest, 26 March 2011

Project trailer


Our project was chosen to be displayed in a collection of successful Romanian projects for 2010. You can find it here http://www.etw inning.ro/Publicatie_ eTwinning_ 2010.pdf at page 59. Or you cand read about it on Romanian portal etwinning.ro, http://www.etwinning.ro/bune-practici-etwinning.

And the winners are…


We are not among the winners, but we would like to congratulate all them and those who have made it to the final round of evaluation. They all deserve a big applause!

Great news!!!

Welcome to our eTwinning project!

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The project aims at developing students’ logical and mathematical thinking. Through texts on famous mathematicians, we will ask our students to invent problems, based on the theory presented or draw the theory, as they perceive it in a comic form. The problems will be exchanged, so that students will try to find the solution, while comic drawings will be presented in a comic form.

  • Subjects: Foreign Languages, Mathematics / Geometry, Philosophy / Logic
  • Languages: English
  • Pupil’s age: 11 – 12
  • Tools to be used: Chat, e-mail, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings)
  • Aims: The project aims at developing students’ creativity, critical and logical thinking, foreign language, artistic, as well as ICT knowledge.
  • Work process: The steps for the project are presented below: Texts with information on famous mathematicians are developed. they will present some biographical notes, as well basic information on their theory. Students discuss the texts and design their own problem on the theory presented or they draw the theory, as they perceive it in a comic form. Problems are exchanged, whereas drawings are photographed and presented in the twinspace. The final step is a powerpoint presentation of the material, together with a map on which students have attached the photos of mathematicians on their place of birth.
  • Expected results: A logical problems book by the collaborative work of the participating schools. The book will contain the problems designed by the students. Posters with the students’ drawings. A map with the photos of the famous mathematicians, attached on the place of birth.

Prizes won by this project

European Quality Label- October 2010



eTwinning Quality Label bullet Quality Label (awarded by Romania on 22.09.2010)

eTwinning Quality Label bullet Quality Label (awarded by Romania on 07.09.2010)
eTwinning Quality Label bullet Quality Label (awarded by Romania on 07.09.2010)
eTwinning Quality Label bullet Quality Label (awarded by Croatia on 28.06.2010)
eTwinning Quality Label bullet Quality Label (awarded by Greece on 31.08.2010)
structure element
eTwinning Certificate bullet eTwinning certificate (awarded on 17.01.2010)

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